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Training Schedule

U21´s - McMaster Centre - Tues & Thurs 6:30-8:30 Winter 6-8pm Gryffe High - Tues & 7:30-8:30 Seedhill - Thurs

2002´s - Johnstone Hub - Wed 6-8pm & Fri 6-7pm

2003´s - Johnstone Hub - Mon 7-9pm Wed 6-8pm

2005´s - Johnstone Hub - Monday 6-8, Wed 6-8pm & Fri 6-7pm

Park Mains - Tues 6-7:30 & Thurs 6-7pm

2007´s - McMaster Centre - Friday 5-6pm

2008´s - Johnstone Hub - Fri 6pm-7pm

2009´s - Johnstone Hub - Fri 6pm-7pm

2010´s - McMaster Centre Fri 6pm-7pm

2011´s - McMaster Centre Fri 5pm-6pm

Tots - McMaster Centre - Tues 5-6pm

We have our very own girls football team. Check our our team´s page for contact details
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We are looking for players to join all our teams. We have 12 age groups from 2011´s up to U21´s, we even have our very own girls team. ...
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A huge congratulations to our U21´s team winning the Scottish Cup. Joe, John and Craig well done on your success!!!!!
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Under 19s - Wed & Fri 6pm-7pm
Girls - Wed 6pm-7pm

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| Call or text 07904 976 374
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